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OneMonthToLive.comAnd now, the end is near. You face the final curtain; but friends, can you say it clear that you lived a life that’s full? Not so sure? It’s true, not everyone’s so lucky as Sinatra.

Life isn’t all yellow brick roads and lollipops. And let’s face it, most of us wish we could have lived differently.We wish we could’ve save a few more bucks, or pursued that lifelong dream. This is where the new site OneMonthtoLive comes to play. What would you do if you had 30 days to live? Based on the eponymous book, OneMonthtoLive wants to show you how to live without regrets. How? Kerry and Chris Shook, founding members of the Fellowship of the Woodlands believe that it’s as easy as finding God; OneMonthtoLive will help you find that connection. But that’s not all, the site also puts forth what they deem a Churchwide challenge to engage churchgoers, with 30 days to live or not. The challenge comes with a handy for-purchase promotional kit aimed at Pastors and Church leaders. The idea is for leaders to actively reach out to and inspire their congregation with the ideas brought out in the book, One Month to Live . It promises soul baring truths, insight and possibly enlightenment. The Challenge Launch kit is only $149 and includes postcards, posters, bookmarks, and much more. For individuals, they’re a lot more goodies. Check it out. What have you got to lose? In Their Own Words

“Kerry and Chris challenge you to live the next 30 days as though they were your last days on earth. Those who have already taken the challenge have reset priorities, done things they’ve always dreamed of doing, and felt the joy of living as God intended them to live—fully alive and with no regrets.

Take the challenge yourself to experience the power of making every day count. What starts as a challenge can become a lifestyle that helps you make the most of the rest of your life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

OneMonthtoLive has an interesting premise. There are a number of people who feel they need a change in their lives. OneMonthtoLive claims to show you how. Churchgoers and leaders would be interested in this.

Some Questions About

Is OneMonthtoLive simply a money-making scheme? Who would pay $150 for a kit with no real substance save for a dvd and some bookmarks?

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