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Officium: the one-stop-shop for turnkey customer experience solutions

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It seems like everyone these days is talking about customer experience – and for good reason! Customer experience is rapidly becoming one of the most crucial parts of any business strategy, and it’s no wonder that companies well-known for their customer-facing approach are reaping the benefits of increased engagement, sales and customer loyalty.

What makes a great customer experience strategy? And how do companies create and implement this strategy to stay on top of today’s vastly competitive markets? Luckily, Officium Labs is here to help brands deliver incredible customer experiences with a holistic approach and turnkey solutions.

Officium Labs is bolstering brand’s customer experience strategies, and even building them from the ground up, with our very own ServiceStack™ framework. ServiceStack™ allows us to work with your company to develop a unique, tailored solution to help your customer experience operations succeed.

It all begins with our Maturity Model, which our team of CX experts uses to assess your organization’s current state of affairs and build a best-in-class transformational plan. We work with your team to develop a holistic solution based on what matters most to your company.

Now this is where ServiceStack™ comes in. Officium Labs offers three services in the ServiceStack™ framework to help your organization build a robust customer experience operation: Connect, Transform and Innovate.

Connect is a network of qualified, on-demand, front-line customer service resources that allow you to handle spikes in volume, maintain service-level agreements and avoid backlogs effortlessly. Even go from no customer service to a fully operational team in just a few days. Fill gaps of all types in your evolving CX organization with our Connect specialists.

Connect offers customer service agents, community and content moderation, social engagement/support, game testers, quality assurance specialists and more.

Transform is a network of on-demand customer experience specialists who can provide staff augmentation, management, thought leadership and consulting for your customer service organization. Clients can harness the power of customer experience with services including customized service models, data and analytics, AI and automation.

Innovate is our technology platform designed to help companies measure and execute customer service best practices. This includes leading assessment workshops, building “get to green” plans and guiding you through your transformation and certification process, all while leveraging our AI, WFM and Analytics tech.

In just 20 months, Officium Labs has helped over 22 clients deliver exceptional customer experience and realize significant BPO savings and increases in customer satisfaction. Our client’s success allowed Officium to achieve $8M in gross revenue and $1.4M in net. Now that we know our solution is matching the market’s demand, we’re ready to scale!

Officium Labs is shaking up the CX space with a tailored approach that puts the power of CX strategy in your company’s hands. We’re transforming customer experience from a cost center into a profit center with our unique ServiceStack™ approach that allows our clients to build a customized CX plan to help their organizations flourish. Visit us at to learn more.

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