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Nordic Forest Games: New Fitness with “Fitness Firefight”

In the quest to address the pervasive issue of sedentary lifestyles, Nordic Forest Games, under the leadership of Carl-Arvid Ewerbring, introduces “Fitness Firefight,” a groundbreaking iOS game that merges fitness with fun. Recognizing that 50% of the Western population falls short of meeting their exercise goals, Nordic Forest Games leverages the universal appeal of gaming to encourage physical activity. “Fitness Firefight” is not just a game; it’s a fitness revolution, making exercise an enjoyable part of daily routines and paving the way for a healthier, more active society.

Company Overview

  • Name: Nordic Forest Games
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Type of Company: Game Studio
  • HQ Location: Stockholm
  • Startup Founders: Carl-Arvid Ewerbring
  • One-Liner: Squat-based multiplayer FPS for iOS

Progress and Current Status

Since its inception, “Fitness Firefight” has made significant strides, releasing its first version and actively seeking early adopters to shape the product’s development. By transforming squats into a multiplayer FPS experience, the game incentivizes players to incorporate fitness seamlessly into their daily lives. This innovative approach has the potential to drastically improve physical well-being among its users.

A Vision for a Healthier Future

Nordic Forest Games envisions a future where over 30 million people engage in more physical activity daily, eagerly anticipating exercise as a source of joy and long-term health benefits. With plans to expand their game portfolio to cater to specific needs, the company aims to prove that motivation is key to increasing physical movement among individuals.

An Inspiring Journey

The inspiration behind “Fitness Firefight” came from a blend of personal ambition and a desire to contribute positively to public health. Carl-Arvid Ewerbring’s journey from conceptualizing the game to navigating the challenges of game development underscores the potential of innovative ideas to address real-world problems. The team’s prior experience in creating the world’s first interactive physiotherapy smartphone game for children with genetic deficiencies further illustrates their commitment to leveraging technology for health and wellness.

Admiration for Berkshire Hathaway

Nordic Forest Games looks up to Berkshire Hathaway for its ethical, focused, and long-term investment approach. Inspired by Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger’s no-nonsense, kind, and ethical business practices, Nordic Forest Games strives to create products that genuinely improve people’s lives. This admiration for Berkshire Hathaway’s philosophy reinforces the company’s commitment to developing games that not only entertain but also promote physical well-being.

Future Outlook

In the next four years, Nordic Forest Games aims to transform the landscape of fitness and gaming, helping millions to lead more active lives. Through continued innovation and a focus on user engagement, the company plans to introduce new games that meet specific health and fitness needs, demonstrating that exercise can be both fun and rewarding.

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