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Nobody Liked The Old Ways Of Punching In – TimeDock Simplifies Time Tracking


You wouldn’t let the challenge of keeping track of employee hours prevent you from accepting a project at a remote location, would you?


Fortunately, with a tool like TimeDock, accounting for employees’ hours is no trouble at all. Take on as much field work as your crews can handle!


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TimeDock is a cloud-based time and attendance platform that lets any smartphone easily do the work of a traditional swipe-card punch clock. Using a simple QR code reader, TimeDock clocks employees in and out with a quick scan of their ID card. With NFC capability (that’s Near Field Communication, not National Football Conference, sports fans), simply tapping a chipped card to phone will also do the trick.


Designed with construction crews and other field-based businesses in mind, the TimeDock app allows managers to capture employee hours at any location. Contractors have the flexibility to track however many employees are on a job – on multiple sites, deploying as many smartphones as necessary.




A couple smartphone taps lets crew chiefs switch between projects and specific jobs before signing employees in, which helps them to account for employees’ work with great precision. This of course means that everyone gets paid appropriately for their time!


Since TimeDock is based in the cloud, it serves as a convenient central hub for information. Data is available almost instantly in real-time, no matter how many sites are active at any given moment. So, hours may be exported into payroll applications painlessly or readied for client reports without hassles. No tedious filling out of time-sheets or redundant transferring of numbers. From clocking in to cutting checks, TimeDock streamlines processes.


New Zealand software developer Le-roy Staines had taken a shine to QR code technology when a client during a sales meeting mentioned the difficulty of knowing when and where his contractors clocked into work. This proved all the validation he needed to build a simple time clock app. (You can read the full story behind TimeDock’s creation here.) About the somewhat unexpected direction of his journey, Le-roy says: “Just start creating and the doors will open…”



iPhone 6 TimeDock App ShowCase



The company now also offers the TimeTablet, a modified and tamper-resistant tablet that emulates a traditional wall-hanging time clock. Regardless if you’re in or out of the office, TimeDock ensures that time keeping is a cinch.


Find the TimeDock app in both the App Store and Google Play. Check here for more information on pricing and to take advantage of a 14-day free trial. Need lightweight software that lets you track employees’ time quickly and easily? Learn more about how TimeDock can help your organization at


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