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Nextel.comIf you are getting tired of being unable to communicate with people while you are out, then nextel is what you have been looking for. This site is dedicated to wireless and wireline communication services.

In the past years nextel has been acquired by Sprint Communication. In this site you have the possibility to search for camera phones, walkie-talkie phones, tv and music phones, pda or smart phones. They also offer instant national and international walkie-talkie capabilities. Want to upgrade your phone? If you are already a Nextel or Sprint long time customer with the same phone, depending on the type of contract you choose to renew with them, they can select you to save up to $150 on a wide variety of Sprint or Nextel phones. Besides, the site gives you the chance to browse trough a wide range of individual plans, family plans, etc. In addition you could find all the accessories you need for you phone.

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