Insurance Startup Lula Raises $35.5M

In a recent funding round, startup Lula secured $35.5 million to further develop its innovative insurance platform. Lula aims to become the “Stripe for insurance,” providing a range of tools and services to help businesses reduce insurance premiums and streamline their insurance-related processes. With a rapidly growing customer base and plans for expansion into new industries, Lula is poised to disrupt the traditional insurance market.

When Lula raised $18 million in a Series A funding round in July 2021, the company’s main focus was on building an insurance API that would eliminate the need for businesses to develop their own insurance infrastructure. However, Lula’s offering has since evolved into a broader insurance solution, encompassing risk management, claims management, policy management, and access to insurance coverage.

This shift has proven to be a smart move for Lula, as its customer base has experienced significant growth. From just 99 businesses in February 2022, Lula now boasts nearly 4,000 customers as of July. Although specific revenue figures were not disclosed, Lula’s co-founder and president, Michael Vega-Sanz, revealed that monthly revenue has multiplied by 20 times since February 2022.

Lula’s success has attracted the attention of investors, resulting in a 5x increase in valuation compared to its 2021 raise. The recent funding round was led by NextView Ventures and Khosla Ventures, with participation from Founders Fund, Financial Technology Partners founder Steve McLaughlin, Steve Pagliuca, co-chair of Bain Capital and co-owner of the Boston Celtics, and Nextera Energy.

Currently, Lula focuses on serving car rental, trucking, and logistics companies, as well as car-sharing platforms. Notable customers and partners include Kyte, Turo, and State National. However, the company has plans to expand beyond the “wheels” space and enter industries such as logistics.

In May, Lula launched a product specifically designed for the trucking industry. Traditionally, truckers have been required to pay for coverage year-round, even if their trucks are only on the road for a fraction of that time. Lula’s offering provides trucking companies with the flexibility to pay for insurance coverage only when their trucks are in operation. Additionally, Lula’s API offers owner-operators tools to vet drivers, conduct driver history checks, manage policies, and handle claims.

Lula’s ability to secure funding quickly and at a higher valuation can be attributed to its focus on capital efficiency. The startup prioritized capital efficiency and unit economics well in advance of its Series B raise, which proved to be advantageous when the market became less bullish.

While other companies were offering inflated salaries and extravagant bonuses, Lula’s cost-conscious approach appealed to potential employees looking for stability and a long-term vision. By avoiding the need for frequent capital raises or potential layoffs, Lula was able to attract quality talent.

Lee Hower, a lead investor and founding partner at NextView Ventures, expressed confidence in Lula’s unique position within the insurance-focused software platform market. He believes Lula has the potential to revolutionize how businesses acquire coverage, assess risk, and utilize insurance in more effective ways.

With its recent funding, Lula plans to expand its offerings and enter new industries. One area of focus is embedded insurance, a growing trend in which insurance is seamlessly integrated into various products and services. This expansion will further solidify Lula’s position as a software technology provider to businesses and consumers in the insurance industry.

Lula’s success story demonstrates the power of innovation and capital efficiency in the startup world. By providing comprehensive insurance solutions and utilizing advanced technology, Lula is making insurance more accessible and cost-effective for businesses across various industries.


1. How does Lula’s insurance platform reduce premiums for businesses? Lula’s platform offers risk management tools and access to a wide range of insurance coverage options. By helping businesses effectively manage their risks and providing access to competitive insurance policies, Lula can help reduce premiums.

2. What industries does Lula currently serve? Lula primarily works with car rental, trucking, and logistics companies, as well as car-sharing platforms. However, the company has plans to expand into new industries, such as logistics.

3. How does Lula’s insurance offering benefit the trucking industry? Lula’s product for the trucking industry allows companies to pay for insurance coverage only when their trucks are on the road. This eliminates the need for year-round coverage, resulting in cost savings for trucking companies.

4. How has Lula’s valuation grown since its last funding round? Lula’s valuation has increased by 5x compared to its 2021 raise, reflecting the company’s rapid growth and potential for disruption in the insurance industry.

5. What is the future direction for Lula? Lula plans to expand its offerings, enter new industries, and explore opportunities in embedded insurance. The company aims to become a leading software technology provider to businesses and consumers in the insurance sector.

First reported by TechCrunch.