Epic Love Quest: 50 Dates, 50 States

We were in the era of COVID-19, which initially led to a lot of dating loss — love was more challenging to find than ever. However, this did not deter young bachelor Matthew Wurnig from embarking on his extraordinary quest for love. The 26-year-old native of Huntley, Montana, was determined to find that special someone, even when we were all in a global pandemic.

Matthew Wurnig’s “50 Dates 50 States”


Using Tinder and changing his location to coordinate with different states, he began a fascinating journey that would take him across the United States to meet women interested in exploring the possibilities of a relationship.

Innovative Approaches to Socially Distanced Romance

Safety and health considerations prompted Wurnig to think creatively about social distancing measures while maintaining his quest for connection. As he ventured across the US, he met women in various states, learning about their lives and cultures. Recognizing that standard in-person dates weren’t feasible during these uncertain times — he utilized digital tools and alternative experiences to safely explore the world of virtual dating and get to know the women he encountered.

Adventurous Dates Create Strong Connections and Lasting Memories

On his journey, Wurnig sought to arrange unique and unconventional activities for his dates. This included activities such as zip-lining, parasailing, helicopter tours, and horseback riding. These adrenaline-pumping excursions made the dates more exciting and encouraged deeper connections between the participants.

By stepping out of their comfort zones and sharing these adventures, Wurnig and his dates formed more robust bonds and created lasting memories together.

A Social Media Storytelling Sensation

As a skilled digital content creator, Wurnig documented his nationwide quest for love on numerous social media platforms. His genuine, engaging storytelling style quickly gained him a large number of followers who eagerly tuned in to his updates. Along the way, his exploration of modern relationships and personal anecdotes drew attention beyond his initial fans, making him a prominent voice in the digital realm.

Traveling the US: A Tapestry of Culture and Experiences

Over five months, Wurnig traversed all 50 states, beginning in Michigan and ending in Alaska. He meticulously planned his route to include numerous landmarks and attractions unique to each state. By capturing photos and videos throughout his journey, Wurnig documented and showcased the rich diversity of America’s landscape and culture for his thousands of followers.

The Pursuit of a Meaningful Relationship

Despite numerous memorable encounters and in-depth exploration of diverse cultures, Wurnig’s search for a deep, meaningful bond with a partner remains ongoing. Through the process of his adventures, he has come to realize that true companionship often transcends shared experiences—instead, it is rooted in emotional understanding and mutual support.

Wurnig’s date preferences reflect his desire for bonding through exciting experiences, like zip-lining and horseback riding, rather than commonplace dinner and movie dates. He believes that shared adrenaline rushes can foster deeper connections and provide opportunities to witness his dates’ true emotions and reactions.

The Journey Continues: Hope and Optimism about Future Relationships

Although Wurnig has not yet found the love he seeks, he remains hopeful about his future prospects. He continues to learn from each new encounter with potential partners, refining his approach and maintaining an open mind to find the meaningful relationship he desires eventually. As he continues his quest for love, Wurnig’s dedicated followers enthusiastically follow each new development in his romantic journey, cheering him on as they hope to see him find his special someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Matthew Wurnig’s “50 Dates 50 States” project?

Inspired by his quest for love amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Matthew Wurnig embarked on an extraordinary journey, meeting women from 50 states using Tinder and coordinating his location with each state. He aimed to explore the possibilities of relationships and learn about various cultures and lives.

How did Matthew ensure safe, socially distanced dating during the pandemic?

Considering the safety and health measures, Matthew utilized digital tools, virtual dating, and alternative experiences to interact with the women he encountered safely. He devised creative and innovative ways to maintain social distancing during his dates.

What were some of the unique date activities Matthew arranged?

Seeking unconventional and exciting experiences to foster deeper connections, Matthew arranged dates involving activities like zip-lining, parasailing, helicopter tours, and horseback riding. These thrilling shared experiences encouraged bonding and created lasting memories.

How did Matthew document his journey, and how did it gain attention?

As a digital content creator, Matthew documented his quest for love on multiple social media platforms, capturing the interest of numerous followers. His genuine storytelling style and exploration of modern relationships helped him become a prominent voice in the digital realm.

What did Matthew’s journey through the US entail?

Wurnig spent five months traveling all 50 states, starting in Michigan and ending in Alaska. He carefully planned his route to include landmarks and attractions unique to each place, showcasing America’s rich diversity in landscape and culture to his followers through photos and videos.

What are Matthew’s preferences for creating meaningful relationships on his dates?

Matthew emphasizes shared adrenaline-pumping experiences such as zip-lining and horseback riding rather than conventional dinner and movie dates. He believes these activities can foster deeper connections and provide opportunities to witness his dates’ genuine emotions and reactions.

Has Matthew found a meaningful relationship through this project?

His journey introduced him to numerous memorable encounters and diverse cultures, but Matthew is still searching for a deep, meaningful relationship. However, he remains hopeful and optimistic — learning from each interaction and refining his approach to finding the right partner.

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