Birdies Shakes Up Sponsorships with Women’s Soccer

Before the start of Angel City FC’s debut season in 2022, the co-founders of women’s footwear brand Birdies were approached by the team’s president, Julie Uhrman, with a unique proposal: becoming a sponsor for the new Los Angeles-based women’s soccer team, despite not being an athletic apparel company.

Intrigued by the idea, Birdies’ co-founders Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey embraced the challenge, viewing it as an opportunity further to support women’s empowerment in fashion and sports. Enthusiastic about this fresh collaboration, Angel City FC and Birdies hope to send a strong message about the importance of diverse partnerships and the continual growth of women’s sports.

Birdies Shake Up Sponsorships

Traditionally, Birdies promoted their products through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where they could easily assess the instant influence of their campaigns. Taking up the opportunity to display their company’s name on professional soccer players’ jerseys would mark a significant shift in strategy, making it more difficult to gauge the outcomes.

The new approach offers the potential to reach a broader range of audience and increase brand visibility on a global scale. As soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide, it presents a unique and invaluable opportunity for Birdies to expand its customer base and gain recognition beyond social media platforms.

CEO and President Sharkey agree to the Four-Year, Seven-Figure Sponsorship

Regardless of the potential risks, Birdies CEO Bianca Gates and President Marisa Sharkey agreed to the four-year, seven-figure sponsorship. Since the inaugural match in 2022, Birdies has proudly adorned the sleeves of Angel City’s players.

The partnership has proven fruitful, boosting brand visibility for Birdies while showcasing a commitment to empowering and supporting women in sports. As the collaboration moves forward, both organizations strive to foster a strong relationship built on shared values and goals, to further propel women’s soccer onto the global stage.

Team’s $5 million in secured sponsorships

Their sponsorship contributed to the team’s $5 million in secured sponsorships, a number that pushes the limits of revenue generation in women’s sports. Jersey sponsors such as DoorDash, Klarna, and Sprouts Farmers Market have also participated. These partnerships play a crucial role in elevating the visibility and value of women’s sports, while also providing essential financial support to sustain the growth of these teams.

The commitment from major companies like DoorDash, Klarna, and Sprouts Farmers Market showcases the growing interest in investing in female athletes and the potential for significant returns from such investments.

Dedication to women’s sports

The Birdies co-founders demonstrated their dedication to women’s sports by participating in an Angel City event during a renowned women’s soccer tournament in Australia. Supporting the team aligns with their broader aim to empower women, and they attribute the sponsorship decision to positive results in a recent brand lift study.

Through this partnership, Birdies aims to raise awareness and drive engagement for women’s soccer, contributing to increased visibility and promotion of female athletes across the globe. By combining forces with Angel City, the brand takes a step further in inspiring and motivating women of all ages to break barriers and achieve their goals.

Potential advertising opportunities in women’s sports

This partnership has piqued the interest of other business owners, who are now considering advertising opportunities in women’s sports—a potentially vast, untapped market. Women’s sports teams’ increasing visibility and success have demonstrated a growing fan base, providing an ideal platform for businesses to reach a wider audience.

As more companies invest in this market, it not only boosts their own brand recognition but also significantly contributes to the growth and sustainability of women’s sports.

Women’s Soccer shows potential in backing women’s sports is crucial

While collaborating with a sports team without immediately quantifiable results can be a bold move, Birdies remains steadfast in their belief that backing women’s sports is crucial simply “because it’s the right thing to do.”

This belief reflects the company’s strong commitment to gender equality and promoting opportunities for female athletes, who have historically been underrepresented in the world of sports.

By supporting women’s sports, Birdies aims to raise awareness about these incredible athletes and contribute to the growth and development of their respective sports, ultimately leveling the playing field for all.


What is the partnership between Birdies and Angel City FC?

Birdies, a women’s footwear brand, has partnered with Los Angeles-based women’s soccer team Angel City FC as a sponsor. This unique collaboration aims to support women empowerment in both fashion and sports and promote diverse partnerships and the growth of women’s sports.

How does the partnership benefit Birdies?

By sponsoring Angel City FC and having its name displayed on the players’ jerseys, Birdies gains increased brand visibility and the potential to reach a wider audience on a global scale. This helps the company expand its customer base beyond its traditional social media platforms.

What is the duration and value of the sponsorship?

Birdies has committed to a four-year, seven-figure sponsorship with Angel City FC, showcasing their dedication to empowering and supporting women in sports.

How does sponsoring women’s sports benefit companies?

Companies that invest in women’s sports can elevate their visibility, showcase their commitment to gender equality, and reach an untapped, growing fan base. This investment also contributes to the growth and sustainability of women’s sports, driving engagement and promoting these athletes globally.

What other companies have sponsored Angel City FC?

Other notable sponsors of Angel City FC include DoorDash, Klarna, and Sprouts Farmers Market. These companies are also playing a significant role in elevating the visibility and value of women’s sports while providing financial support to help these teams grow.

Why do Birdies and Angel City FC believe supporting women’s sports is important?

Both organizations emphasize the importance of supporting women’s sports “because it’s the right thing to do.” This commitment reflects their shared values of gender equality and the promotion of opportunities for female athletes, ultimately helping to level the playing field in the world of sports.

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