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NewBright.comIt still beats me: why on earth would a company invest in building a website filled with pictures and details of their catalogue if they won’t sell to the public? Are they even aware that no less than 64% of customers who research a product online end up buying it over the internet in the same event, and that that number is rising by the minute? Did they consider that a large percentage of end-users of their toys are generally adults who buy them out of pleasure, and thus will be even more inclined to buy one if they have the opportunity to do so? is home for a designer and manufacturer of remote control and radio control toys which reproduce trains, trucks, cars, lorries, spaceships, caterpillars, and even Harley Davidson motorcycles in different scales, ranging from 1:6 to 1:24.

The site doesn’t look too professional, and lots of links are broken, including the one which will supposedly reveal where to buy New Bright products online. A list of recalled products seems to be missing too, which is a very sensitive element in the toy business nowadays, ask Mattel about it…

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