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Moops, Bubbleboy! Better Check The Weather Inside With Netatmo


I’m a weather junky. I grew up watching Tom Skilling give the weather reports for the Chicagoland area, which felt to me as exciting as watching the Fourth of July fireworks every night – wind charts, storm charts, temperature grids, air measurements, forecasts – all delivered with clear love and respect. I have high hopes that the Netatmo Weather Station will bring me my own personalized version of such reports.





The Netatmo Weather Station is a personalized weather station compatible with iPhones and iPads. Indoor and outdoor modules track local weather and monitor air quality. The cylindrical sensors record data and turn the information into graphs and charts on mobile devices that allow users to better gauge the environment near a home or office. (Though not posted on the website yet, reports from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas indicated Android friendly versions on the way.)


The Local Local Weather

The outside instrument measures temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. While this may sound rather mundane or like something you can already get from a variety of sources, how often have you found weather reports to accurately reflect conditions in your immediate area? I thought so.





What’s more, if you have sensitive allergies, exact measurements make the difference between an enjoyable outing or suffering. A major selling point of the weather station is that it helps adapt your planned activities according to the most local of weather information.


Indoor Wellness

Keep tabs on indoor temperature and humidity levels with the Netatmo Weather Station. Measure CO2 levels and concentrations to make sure the air you’re breathing at home is safe. Users can also measure noise levels – so you’ll have proof when you argue that your sibling is talking too loudly on the phone or that the TV is making everyone deaf.


The Extended Forecast

Some naysayers didn’t get the big deal when this product debuted last August, but complaints seemed to gloss over the existence of micro-climates or the vastly different conditions of our habitats. One criticism I would agree with is that the focus on urban environments excludes prospective customers who live away from central weather stations and would likely value micro-local measurements greatly. Nonetheless, real-time measurements of surroundings would benefit anyone in any setting.


Call me a dreamer, but I envision this device being used to maintain home wine cellars, or greenhouses, or figuring out where its most comfortable to work at home during different times of the day (something our increasingly homebound – I mean home freed – or roaming Internet connected startup crews should appreciate). And, after, witnessing a brother struggle with asthma for years, I can attest that slight variables in the environment within a ten foot radius, often not immediately detectable, impact health tremendously.





Netatmo founder and CEO Fred Potter lives in the greater Paris area. Because humidity affects baking so much, I wonder if he has used his technology to locate the best croissant? I’d build a weather product too if I didn’t have a nearby Skilling. I say gimme gimme more personal weather data!


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