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NeerLife.comYou can quickly understand what Neer is all about if you think of it as a private location-based service. Neer is different from FourSquare in the sense that if you decide to use it you will be sharing your location with the people that you care about only.

Individuals who might not even know who you are will be kept out of it – the sharing of your location takes place only with the ones who have you phone number, and who have the application installed.

Technically, when using Neer you will create a geo-fence around places that mean something to you like your home or your office. Then, as you enter or leave that location an update message will be sent to your trusted contacts. That is, you are not required to check in as you would when using FourSquare. And your contacts won’t see exactly where you are; they will see the name of the place that you have geo-fenced.

For now, Neer is available to Android users only. Yet, both an iPhone app and a Web interface are in the works and should be ready before too long. In Their Own Words

“Neer allows you to privately and automatically share your location with the people you care about. Not everywhere you go, just the places that really matter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who like the idea that lies at the core of a service like FourSquare but who are afraid they are exposing themselves too much will find this naturally appealing.

Some Questions About

What will prevail – this or FourSquare?

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