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NeedSharing.orgThe premise behind NeedSharing is straightforward: somewhere, someone needs help, elsewhere, someone can provide that help. Founded by a Christian group, the site takes its religion seriously.

NeedSharing is not only meant to help those in need, it’s meant to offer redemption and salvation. While the religious overtones may seem stifling, the intentions behind them are well-founded. There are many in need. If you’re such a person, you can create an account and post your troubles under the ‘I need help’ category. You’ll need to write a description and include an image if possible. The last step is to classify your need as time, money or item, and provide a shipping address. If you’re in the position to help you can either volunteer your time, donate goods, or give money. Make your donation known by filling out the gift box info. Of course there’s no cost to use NeedSharing, but you can donate to the cause. In Their Own Words

“ is founded by Christians (followers of Jesus Christ in word and action) and is inspired by the examples and teachings of Jesus Christ. We do all things to glorify God and become a light to the world of the hope of salvation anyone can have in Jesus Christ, the Son of God!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

NeedSharing is a lovely concept. There are more people in the world with needs than can be truly tabulated. Moreover, there are many who want to help. NeedSharing provides a direct means to link the needy with helpers. It’s more up close and personal.

Some Questions About

For one, the strict religious tone set by the site might deter some non-Christian do-gooders. Needs are not vetted at all, under the assumption that it’s “God’s authority and judgement over those who may try to misuse the website,” which means it could be very easy to abuse the site. Another thing, there’s no way to actually send money directly through the site, nor is there confirmation of items received. The person who’s received a donation is supposed to indicate that it’s been received. Again that simple lack of automatic confirmation could lead to misuse of the site.

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