How to submit? – Buy pools online

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Nationalpoolwholesalers.comThis extensive online store is dedicated to selling everything remotely related to pools and spas: from the thing in itself to inflatable cushions to avoid expanding ice from breaking your pool. Although the site is called wholesale pools, you need not be a professional or reseller to buy from them, as what they really do is sell retail pools at wholesale prices (or so they say).

At the site you will be able to find just about anything you need to know when researching your way into a new spa, sauna or pool: a cost estimator (both on fitting and maintenance), instruction manuals to get your in-ground pool fitted, news ad articles on pool safety, user handbook for vast majority of products, product catalogue and live-chat help on standard business hours. There are no commercial locations for this company (at least there are no listed ones), but there are updated news on what showrooms, expos and shows the company will be showing up to, so if they ever come near you, you can go and take a peek.

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