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My.Foliotek.comGive this site a try if you happen to be looking for an effective way to showcase your work online, because My.Foliotek offers that and more. It is a platform that can be tried for free to begin with, and that will let you have all our work hosted online for prospective clients and buyers to see. And it makes no difference what kind of creative work you do. You might be a photographer, a painter, a designer… from a practical point of view, it is all absolutely the same. You will be able to showcase your skills and abilities to the full using one of these ePortfolios – multiple templates are provided for you to convey your professional identity in the most suitable way of all (IE, one that matches your outlook on art).

And once you have created yours, then you will be able to share it on sites like Facebook, Twitter and also LinkedIn. As it is only fit, really – we are talking about you projecting your professional identity here. In Their Own Words

Simple ePortfolio builder for showcasing your work.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes having a superb-looking portfolio something that lies within the grasp of just anybody.

Some Questions About

To which extent can the featured templates be customized?

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