How to submit? – A Fantasy Land for Kids is the official site of Mush A Belly, a world wide company that offers gorgeous plush toys and stuffed animals for you. On this fantasy land your kids will find fun games to play online.

On you will access to a virtual reality world for your plush toy, where you can sign your mascot for virtual college, by using the code provided on the plush toy you own. Mush A Belly can offer great wallpapers and screen savers for your computer, as well as online games you can play and musical videos for you to watch.

In addition, on you can access to the Mush A Belly Square, to find online games you can enjoy with your kids and register your Mush A Belly plush to participate in games and contests. If you like Mush A Belly plush toys, this is a good site to keep in mind.

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