How to submit? – Import Public Flickr Photos to Site

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Moopix.orgWeb designers out there looking for a way to import and show Flickr photos without having any PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python headaches, will be interested to learn that Moopix gives you this functionality on a simple DHTML page. Moopix uses Javascript to “talk” to Flickr and it simply formats your request, creates it, and then lets you do as you please with the response.

You’ll have to download Mootools and MooPix along with a copy of Flickr API to get started. Step-by-step instructions complete with screenshots are provided so that anyone with a bit of programming know-how will have no problems exporting and doing as they please with public Flickr photos. In Their Own Words

“Uh oh, another Javascript slideshow using a popular framework! Fear not — MooPix isn’t a slideshow, it’s a way for you to access your public Flickr photos without doing PHP, Ruby, or Python situps. What you do with it is your perrogative.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Other solutions out there require that you have your own server running PHP, Ruby or Java which while effective, are not for everyone. Moopix could become the application of choice for those looking for a simple way of exporting Flickr photos to a DHTML page.

Some Questions About

Have they considered doing a bit more of the leg work on the programming side so that even a “dummy” could use it? That would certainly help the level of adoption of this solution.

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