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Mooflair.comMooflair is a downloadable desktop application built on the Adobe Air platform that allows you to search for .flv files, store them online, or download them to your desktop.

To get started with Mooflair, you’ll need to download the application and create an account. Next, start searching for video clips through popular RSS feed and video search engines which include: YouTube, BlipTv, Dailymotion, Metacafe, LiveVideo, SpikedHumour and 5min Life Videopedia and add video clips to your online searchable library. The library itself looks great and includes a thumbnail of the video along with the title. If you’d prefer to be able to watch these clips when you are offline, you can also download them and play them wherever you are. In Their Own Words

“Mooflair is a desktop application that helps you to manage and watch both online and offline FLVs videos. More than a simple flv player, build your own FLV library and save your compilations in playlists. Import FLVs from your computer – including h.264 encoded videos, browse categorised RSS Feeds or search directly from the most popular video content providers and add new video clips to your searchable library. If you need to watch all your videos off line, simply use the download option.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great way of finding and playing your favorite video clips without having to fill up your hard drive with video files. The player is well-designed as is the library, and the ability to be able to search multiple video databases from one page will be enjoyed by users.

Some Questions About

Have they considered offering an entirely online solution that doesn’t require a software download? They would probably attract a larger number of users if they didn’t require a download. Will they be developing support for other file types other than .flv in the future?

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