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Monrovia.comWouldn’t it be great to learn how to create a healthy and a beautiful garden? If so, this is without a doubt the site you need to visit, to find the information you seek. Monrovia is a one of the world’s largest producers of container-grown ornamentals.

Their aim is to enhance the pleasant appearance and significance of the North American landscape. At the moment they are producing more than 2,200 plant varieties. For instance, on the site you will be able to search for camellias, citrus, conifers, ferns, grasses & bamboo, woody ornamentals, perennials, rhododendrons, vines, shrubs, topiaries and trees, among others. Other features include the opportunity to locate a retailer, just by entering your zip code. In addition you can enter to a section where you will be capable of find almost everything you need to know about gardening. If you have an unresolved question about gardening, they give you the possibility to ask the question to a garden expert.

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