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Monkiri.comMonkiri is a new Indian company that offers a tool that enables users to take quick screenshots of any webpage and share the shot in blog format. Simply download and install the browser plug-in for either Internet Explorer or Firefox and then start snapping away.

Create a blog at so that whenever you take a snapshot of something you can instantly share it with others, add comments and interact. Keep in mind that you are limited to sharing your snapshots and comments within the Monkiri blog that you’ve created and that you can’t currently export the shots to other environments. While not necessarily possessing the richest of accessories, Monkiri is quite possibly the easiest and quickest tool for taking snapshots and sharing with others. In Their Own Words

“Monkiri is a user friendly tool that enables a web user to have clippings of a webpage and comment on the same. Literally Monkiri means the Japanese art of paper cutting. Newspaper clippings are always a means amongst any knowledge enthusiasts to store a piece of information. In the web world Monkiri meets the same need. Monkiri lets one read and write blogs about any item published on a website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Monkiri is very easy to use and this could make it an attractive option for those looking to share snapshots they’ve taken while surfing.

Some Questions About

Have they considered allowing users to export the snapshots that they’ve taken to other blogs or even to their desktop? Perhaps they could insert a tag or a footer advertisement within the snapshot to make sure that they get credit for the shot. Limiting people to the Monkiri environment is going to make it difficult for this to grow virally anytime soon.

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