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Money Weighted Makes Cash Flow Modeling Quick and Convenient

You’ve got big plans, and being able to model your real estate cash flow will be a huge help. However, doing so in Excel can result in a variety of issues, such as formula typos that throw off the accuracy of your information, or difficulties opening a document in one version of Excel if it was made in another version. Plus, those Excel templates can start to look pretty boring after a while. Luckily, Money Weighted can help.

Money Weighted is web-based software that allows you to quickly and easily create real estate cash flow models for investment analysis. It gives you control over your cash flow without the learning curve or errors involved with building models in Excel from scratch.

Money Weighted works by using a cash flow modeling “sandbox” that can help you get your first model started in three minutes. While it includes calculator features, Money Weighted is more than just an online calculator – it gives users complete control over their assumptions and inputs, allowing users to build their cash flow model from scratch or use a convenient template. Users can add line items directly into their cash flow from any device, from any location, thanks to the models being built and saved in the cloud.

With Money Weighted, users are able to input assumptions around purchases, sales and debt, then use built-in calculators to see the results. Users can also input multiple tenants, create one-time or recurring line items, and derive expenses or income from other subtotals or line items.

Money Weighted includes a collection of features to make cash flow modeling simple.

Cloud: Cash flow models are built in the cloud, making them easy to access and update when needed, wherever needed, and from any device.

Reports: Users can create reports to show investors how cash moves at the property level or portfolio level. In addition to numerical data, reports can include charts and other visual elements to make it easier for viewers to understand at a glance the information being presented.

Model building: Users can easily create, edit and copy property models. Up to 50 property models can be added to one or more portfolios.

Metrics: Money Weighted offers helpful metrics at the property and portfolio levels, including profit, NVP, IRR, multiple, debt to purchase ratios, peak contributions, and more. Property-level analytics also include cap rates, debt service coverage ratios, sensitivity analysis, and cash on cash.

Performance comparison: Users can compare the performance of their property or portfolio per unit or ft², allowing them to instantly identify assets that are over-performing or under-performing.

Say no to boring, error-prone Excel spreadsheets and yes to powerful cash flow modeling made with Money Weighted. Built from the ground up by real estate investors and analysts, Money Weighted was designed to make it easy, fast, and less error-prone to create cash flow models. Sound like something you could use? Visit to learn more and check out their free beta version.

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