New Texting App MomBlocker Prevents You From Accidentally Texting The Wrong Person

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Since texting – aka SMS messaging – became the norm, one of the most commonly experiences issues is sending a text to the wrong person. Sometimes you’re just not paying attention and you text someone with the same first name as who you meant to send the message to, or sometimes your brain really messes with you and whoops, that piece of gossip you meant to text your best friend? You sent to the person you were gossiping about. Unfortunately, you can’t take texts back, so once you’ve sent it, that’s it. At least, until MomBlocker – an Android texting app that prevents the possibility of accidentally texting the wrong person.


While it’s advertised as an app that prevents the possibility of accidentally texting the wrong person, it seems like it has an additional potential use: creating an obstacle between you and drunk texting your ex or crush. Even if it’s a machine doing it, getting asked “Are you sure you want to send that text” in some form or another might help you reconsider how good of an idea it is to confess your feelings right then.

How It Works


MomBlocker is simple and easy to use. You create a list by choosing from your existing contacts, which you can manage at any time to rename the list or add or remove a user. The app works in the background, and when you try to text and contact on your list, it will ask you two questions: 1) Are you sure? and if you say yes, then 2) “How long will you be sure?” The second question unlocks your ability to text that contact without being asked the first question each time for the amount of time that you choose (from 5 to 60 minutes). If you answer “No” to the first question, your message will be deleted and not sent. See how it works in action.


If you’re hoping to keep yourself from accidentally texting the wrong person, or hoping tech can help you decide if you REALLY want to send that drunk text to your ex or crush, head over to Google Play to download. Not an Android user? Follow MomBlocker over on Facebook for updates.



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