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mochiCart – A Simplified, Flexible Solution For Mobile Commerce
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Everything these days is mobile. Mobile-first, mobile-friendly, mobile, mobile, mobile. While we’re not quite at the point where only olds and losers actually use computers that sit at desks, we’re certainly headed in that direction. Along with this trend comes the need for products that cover a wide range of services, from chatting with friends to restocking the fridge, and the company I’m about to tell you about fits firmly into the mobile-friendly world we all live in.


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Unfortunately, although it is called mochiCart, this company is not a distributor of the delicious Japanese snack. Let’s just get that out of the way right from the get-go, shall we? Sorry to disappoint, but there are no snacks here, although you will find plenty of carts – of the shopping variety.


That’s because mochiCart is a mobile commerce solution service that lets you create a mobile store and sell physical goods. In five minutes or less, you can fully integrate mochiCart into your exiting or new mobile apps, as long as you’re using an iOS device.


Apparently the name is mochiCart because co-founders, Braydon Batungbacal and Spencer Costanzo really dig mochi. (Who can blame them? Yum!) Guess it makes about as much sense as most startup names, right?


Free And Simple

mochiCart is totally free (for now, according to their FAQs) and comes with step-by-step instructions for integration and use. They don’t put a limit on the number of items you can sell while using their platform, although you can’t sell digital products because of Apple regulations.



You also only have to add three lines of code to get it going, so don’t worry if you’re not super tech savvy or you don’t have a technical co-founder. (Actually, on that second one, you should probably start to worry at least a little bit…) Just get that code in there and you’re good to go!


Built-In, Powerful Analytics

mochiCart also tracks your analytics, so that you have insight into your monthly sales, repeat customers, and the lifetime customer value of your customers, all of which is very important info if your mobile store is going to succeed out there in the big bad world of ecommerce.


And It’s Safe!

They’re very concerned about your safety and have built their service using the Paypal API for exactly that reason.


So, now that we’ve got that covered, what kind of shop would you love to use mochiCart for? Might I suggest a full service grocery store? (Only because I really hate going to the grocery store.)


Or perhaps… Japanese snack foods?


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