How to submit? Cell Phone Accessories Portal Cell Phone Accessories PortalMobilephonedir hopes to become the site that people go to when they need anything for their mobile phone. Essentially, anyone can post a product or service that they are offering under one of the many categories provided complete with a link to their site.

A space is also provided for other people to leave comments about the originally posted product or service. There are currently very few products posted, leading one to wonder whether this site has actually been developed to generate advertising revenue through page clicks. Currently, there are more Google advertisements on the page than there are postings. Still, if you have a cell phone product or service that you’d like to offer, posting is simple and the site could become more popular in the future. Cell Phone Accessories Portal In Their Own Words

“Mobile Phone Directory is a user-powered directory for the mobile phone industry featuring mobile phone accessories, plans, tools, software, ringtones, games…”

Why Cell Phone Accessories Portal It Might Be A Killer

Since it allows anyone to post a product or service for free, this could become a popular site full with everything to do with mobile.

Some Questions About Cell Phone Accessories Portal

Has this site been developed to provide useful cell phone links or have they simply filled it with tags that will cause anyone searching for mobile phone related products to be lead to a page where they might click on the Google advertising? Cell Phone Accessories Portal

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