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ZYB.comHave you ever lost a mobile phone, and never been able to get back all the numbers you had stored in it? If that is so, Vodafone 360 could be of your interest. If you are looking for a way to back up phone numbers, this could be a good site to visit. You can stop by this site to find a way to manage your contacts, easily. also has many different features, to help you back up phone numbers in a smart way. With this site you can have access to different ways to manage your contacts. This site also provides you with a tool, to help you back up contacts, easily. can provide you with data about how you can back up phone numbers, in a smart way. When you look for tools to manage your contacts, it is always helpful to think on, as a good option to consider. In Their Own Words

“ZYB lets you sync your mobile content over-the-air with our server. This allows you to control your content online and everytime you change entries and sync, whatever you have in your ZYB account gets out on your mobile and vice versa.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are always losing phones and numbers. Also, most phones have a small storage limit for SMS. ZYB can then prevent you from losing numbers, as well as providing a means for keeping a copy of all your SMS. Anyone with a cell phone who does not want to lose all their numbers in case of a lost phone could utilize this site. It could become very popular also for someone who receives important SMS and wants to have a copy.

Some Questions About

Will the service always remain free? Is the content sent secure?


Author : Mery Fisher

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