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Vollee.comDo you want to play PC games on your 3G mobile? Are you interested in console games? If that is so, is the right site for you to visit. You will find a downloadable software you can use to play PC and console games on your 3G mobile.


If you are a games fan and want to play PC games on your mobile phone, you can’t miss this site out. Vollee provides you with a software application you have to set on your 3G phone to start playing PC games on your phone. You just have to stop by to find more information about this software.

Are you interested in playing games in mobile phones? Do you want to download a software application to do that? Feel free to visit to find what you are looking for. This software lets you play PC games on your 3G mobile. In Their Own Words

“Real games: these are not watered-down versions of favorite games but the real deal. The massive hits that gamers enjoyed on the PC are now available in full glory on 3G mobile phones.

Play as much as you want: because Vollee is subscription-based, gamers can try out any game, browse through our wide catalog and play for as long as they wish.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Vollee offers a great free product that’s unprecedented in terms of mobile technology. It harnesses the popularity of a virtual game with new mobile services and technology so users can play wherever they go.

Some Questions About

Will Vollee be able to satisfy picky Second Life users? Will it be too slow? What’s the business model?


Author : Bruce Turner

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