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Unstuck.comUnstuck is an iPad application for these times in which you really could use some advice, and there’s no-one around you really trust. If there and then you launch the Unstuck app, you’ll get a chance to see what people who have ever found themselves stuck in a similar position did to get out of it. You’ll learn what they did in order to pull through, and the idea’s to let you find as many ways out of a problem as possible so that you can arrive at the perfect solution for what’s bogging you down.


And as a life coaching application Unstuck has also got the great merit of letting you find out what’s wrong with your life. That is, if things just don’t feel right and you don’t know why Unstuck can help you know as much. The application comes with a game-like interface that can gently question you until these things that wear you down are all exposed, and put in a position where you can start fixing them. The app actually goes as far as to applying a label to the moment you’re stuck in, and that can be anything from overthinking your choices and waffling to just being negative. It all goes into letting you start working on a way to get better.

Personallly, I think the app would work even better if some kind of connection with Facebook were provided (that would mean you could ask your friends for help), but that’s the extent of things that could be revamped. Everything else is in its right place, and I’m sure you’ll agree upon downloading the app and giving it a try. After all, it costs nothing. In Their Own Words

Unstuck is a new in-the-moment approach to personal growth for anyone who wants to live better every day. Combining personalized digital tools with tips and know-how from a community of other people facing stuck moments, Unstuck makes it easy to get on-demand coaching whenever you need it.

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Is Unstuck coming to Android or Blackberry? Or is it remaining an app for iOS users only?


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