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TeleFlip.comGet your emails all sent to your cell phone in text message format. With the service from TeleFlip.


com all of your emails can be sent to your cell phone, this way you dont need any sort of data plan with your cell phone service provider, which can run around $30 a month. The great thing is, not only can you receive your emails as a text message while you dont have any internet service, you can actually respond though your text message service and it will appear to the receiver that you just sent a regular email. Granted writing a full email from a cellular phone would be a gigantic pain in the you know what if you dont have a Blackberry or a Sidekick or something with a keypad configuration, all of which ironically usually have data plans to connect to the internet. In Their Own Words

How it works

Get email from your existing email account on your current cell phone as a text message.

Control what email gets flipped to your phone and when you receive it.

Replying to a message sends an email back.

Turn service on and off whenever you like.

Your flipped mail stays in your inbox as usual.

Why should you flip your phone?
Stay connected 24/7 to the people who matter most.

No products, services, or downloads to purchase — all you need is your current cell phone.

It’s as easy as reading text messages on your phone.

It’s free*!

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could be a great idea for people who want to stay connected to their emails yet dont want to buy an expensive internet ready phone or pay the extra $30 a month for the data plans that are offered just to check those emails.

Some Questions About’s service is absolutely free and there is no advertising on the site whatsoever. Is their plan to get bought out by one of the major cellular service providers?


Author : Irene Davids

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