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Syncfriend.comA new service that goes by a suitable name, Syncfriend will enable you to synchronize and backup your mobile phone’s (and Outlook) contacts and calendar. This service is provided for free, it is absolutely independent of your phone brand, and it is accessible anywhere in the world.


One of the most appealing aspects of the whole service is that you will be provided with a self-updating phonebook. This translates into the fact that you simply have to invite your friends to the service and you will be getting their contact information automatically. You won’t have to input anything at all. Neither will your friends – they are getting your contact information in an equally effortless way.

Moreover, Syncfriend can remove these contacts that are duplicated; the application checks each time you sync, and if something is there more than once then it will just be eliminated. And Syncfriend is really intelligent – it can detect duplicates even if they are not identical, and proceed to remove them.

As it was mentioned above, using Syncfriend costs nothing. And getting it to work once you have downloaded the app couldn’t be easier – a SMS that delivers the settings to your phone is offered for most countries and operators. In Their Own Words

“Synchronize and get a safe backup of your phonebook. Never lose your phone’s contacts again, just keep them handy in the cloud whatever happens. A very efficient and easy way to manage and edit your phonebook online. We support Outlook, iPhone, Android, Nokia, HTC, SonyEricsson etc”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free service that can be used the world over regardless of your operator and brand.

Some Questions About

Will Syncfriend always be free to use?


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