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Moglue.comA startup that basically takes these pop-up books that we all played with when we were kids and updates the concept for the Internet days, Moglue enables users to create interactive eBooks that they can then share with all of their friends. Moglue is a browser-hosted application that can be used by people of all ages, and which favors a drag-and-drop interface that makes it supremely easy to have static content combined. This interface also allows users to define effects and animations.


I’m sure that reading the previous paragraph makes one think that the main context were Moglue could be used is in the creation of books for (and by) children, and that’s quite correct. Yet, it’s important to stress that Moglue can also be satisfactorily used for creating travel and cook books (IE, books for adults).

In any case, all the books that can be created using Moglue can be published the minute they are ready. Moglue aims to become something akin to “an Amazon for interactive ebooks”, and to these ends it has already implemented a direct system for having what one creates published on iTunes and the Android marketplace.

While the site is in beta, books can be both created and published for free. A fee is going to be eventually charged. Still, authors keep the rights to their works, and they can publish their books wherever they want; they’re not limited to the Moglue digital bookstore and to the iOS and Android marketplaces. In Their Own Words

Create interactive ebooks and release them as apps for iOS and Android devices with one-click publishing.

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How much money can someone make like this? How much can these ebooks be sold for?


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