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MeetMoi.comWhether you want to find love online or just find a date, this site could be interesting for you. If you enter, you will learn everything about this mobile dating application. You don’t need to keep searching for dating websites to meet people. Now you can register on MeetMoi and meet people with your phone.


On you can find out more about this dating service. Do you want to meet people to date? You can register and set up your mobile to receive alerts and find a date near your location. You don’t need to wait in the same place to find love, because this mobile application allows you to keep in contact with others by using your cellphone.

To sum up, if you are tired of the same dating websites and services to find love online, feel free to visit On this site, you will find everything about this application to find a date with your mobile. In Their Own Words

“MeetMoi LLC developed the technology behind the MeetMoi website and dating service. The company intends to license its technology in other areas. The company has filed a provisional patent on the mapping technology it employs in its site.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a fun, cute way to run an online dating service. It is probably attractive to people who are attached to their mobiles, whether they are on the go a lot or just like to have everything in the palm of their hands.

Some Questions About

How can you decide just based upon text messaging whether you want to date someone? Usually people are very short and unexpressive in text messages.


Author : Bruce Turner

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