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How great would it be if you could instantly know everything about any house that you see on the street, and which looks just amazing? I mean, imagine if you could know if that house is currently for sale, and how much it’s worth in seconds? Well, that’s exactly the kind of service provided by Just by sending a SMS you’ll get to know as much. You tell HouseFront where the property is located, and you’ll get a text message with its current value.


And this information can also be found by visiting HouseFront’s website. There, you can input the street address number of the house you want to know more about, and you’ll get your results on a separate page. And if the property’s indeed available, then you’ll be able to contact its owners right away if you just can’t wait.

All in all, over 100 million homes have already been indexed by the team. And the number is meant to keep on growing until the whole country is covered.

As a service, HouseFront is free. You can sign up by supplying either your mobile number or your email address, and your account will start working right away. And all of the searches that you carry out are actually saved. So, you can always review all these properties you have ever searched, and quickly compare them side by side.


Author : Fred Inman

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