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Created by an American company called Tendler Cellular, FoneFinder is a phone system that makes it easier for any person who is in danger to reach out to emergency services. You see, what FoneFinder does is to take advantage of the GPS technology that every modern cell phone comes with, so that by simply touching your 911 button you can send out a verbal emergency message complete with your location. In this way, the police or any other emergency medical team will be able to figure out where you are, and assist you immediately.


This is achieved by installing a chip into your phone. Once this chip has been installed, just by hitting the 911 button on your mobile your location will be sent out to emergency services.

A service such as this one puts an end to the eternal problem of EMS dispatchers not knowing where calls are coming from. The FoneFinder chip makes it possible for any dispatcher to instantly know the location of the caller. So, a process that’s often lengthy and stressful is turned on its head, and the dispatcher knows where an emergency team should be sent to the moment the call has been received.

You can learn how to get a FoneFinder chip for your mobile on this page. You can also call the company (617-720-1339) or e-mail it ( to know who you should contact based on your location, and your carrier.


Author : Charly Zaks

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