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Apptrackr is a large database of applications (apps) you can download for your mobile phone. Although does not create the applications themselves, they stay up to date on new releases, updates, and new platforms that are available. The premise of is fairly simple, to keep apps organized and easy to find. To this end, Apptrackr categorizes apps based on their function, for example fitness, books, or games.


Once inside your desired category on, apps can be sorted by a variety of criteria such as most popular or newest. You can also choose how many applications to view on each page. If you already know which application you are searching for, the search function makes it easy to get directly to it. If you want more information about a particular application, each application on apptrackr has it’s own page, complete with languages available, release information, and platforms the application is available on. Also included is the cost for the application, if any.

Although apptrackr is a fairly simple and straightforward idea, the execution of the site is done very well. It’s easy to understand what you’re looking at and simple to find the types of applications that you are looking for. If you’re not sure exactly what it is that you want, browsing the site is simple and responsive. With more and more applications being produced every day for an ever-widening variety of platforms, brings much needed order to the chaos that is the world of mobile applications.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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