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AnalyticsApp.comThis new iPhone application has quite a concise role: it will let you access your Google

Analytics data while you are on the go. It is as simple as that, really – you have access to all the data you would have when using your desktop, and you can take all the steps and measures that you would take when accessing the data from your PC too.


A nice feature is the support for multiple accounts and sites (with the ability to change the login in a mere couple of taps). But the real star of the show is the reporting abilities that this app has – you can have it produce more than 50 kinds of reports without any kind of delays. You can produce visitor and traffic reports along with content and event tracking reports, and they are as rich as the web-based counterpart of this app. For example, when analyzing the content of your site you do get to see items like “Top Content”, “Content by Title”, “Top Landing pages” and “Top Exit Pages”.

In the end, this is certainly a useful app – it can save the day when you are in a meeting or some event and you want to showcase the reputability of your site. And note that an iPad version is already available, too. In Their Own Words

“Analytics app for iPhone and iPod Touch.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As an app, it fills a gap that webmasters and bloggers have perceived from a long, long time.

Some Questions About

Does this replicate the every functionality of its web-based counterpart?


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