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Some problems are huge and complicated in an abstract sense (global poverty e.g.), Other problems are quite literally immense and unruly, such as corporate minute books. Businesses need them, but they have always eaten up far too many resources.


Not so any longer, thanks to Minutes Depot, a platform for handling the minutes books digitally. Now, “Your minute books can easily be shared with shareholders, directors and other professionals without ever having to leave your office.”


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Anyone who has ever held a lower level position in an office has probably had the joy of preparing the minutes for meetings – preparing and printing out ungodly amounts of paper, filling binders, distributing minutes, then discarding the batch almost immediately only to repeat the same chores time and time again. The traditional paper mode of maintaining minutes is dispiriting, wasteful work.


With Minutes Depot, both paper consumed and man hours logged working on the minutes are drastically reduced by the switch to digital. Workers can dash off the minutes so much faster with online tools like autofill. Make a mistake and you simply update the minutes and refresh pages rather than reprint everything all over again.


The minutes are also much easier to share and search, since they are downloadable and convertible into different types of files. All it takes is a name and email address to grant access to information, so collaborating is no problem either with Minutes Depot. Businesses enjoy the best of both worlds in the sense that digital storage of sensitive information is much safer than paperwork while greater ease of use allows for transparent business practices.


Think about how many companies must maintain precise minute books and how often they must produce the minutes. Change how companies keep minutes and you impact how business is done by millions of people. (Be sure to include that in your next report!) Bravo, Minutes Depot.


Minutes Depot users can create as many minutes books as they care to, control access to information, collaborate on both reading and writing, and rest assured that their minutes are backed up. Plus, for added convenience, minutes can be read on either desktop or mobile during those board meetings.


It takes all of 14 seconds to start handling your minutes online by signing up with Minutes Depot. What’s more, the startup offers a 14-day free trial period, covering an unlimited amount of documents. Simple and beautiful, right? Learn more about how the Minutes Depot can improve your life and simplify the minutes book for your company, at minutesdepot.com.


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