MillionaireMatch – An Exclusive Dating Site For Wealthy Singles

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“I would like to allocate more time to dating, though. I need to find a girlfriend. That’s why I need to carve out just a little more time. I think maybe even another five to 10 — how much time does a woman want a week? Maybe 10 hours? That’s kind of the minimum? I don’t know.”




As this famous quote from Elon Musk demonstrates, the wealthy have the same problems as everyone else when it comes to romance… and a few others that come only with achieving millionaire status.


For starters, millionaires have to worry that the people who show interest in dating them are after their wealth instead of their genuine love. How shall we say, there’s no shortage of gold diggers out there – very cunning and well practiced ones.


What’s more, for most people, it takes an incredible amount of work to become incredibly successful. Those in the top economic echelon often reach their lofty height at great personal sacrifice. Reread the Musk quote if you need to – millionaires simply lack time to date and therefore haven’t developed successful dating skills.


MillionaireMatch is dating site that tailors its services to the particular challenges this elite group faces in the dating game.


MillionaireMatch, naturally, can help millionaires meet one another. The service goes to the trouble of certifying millionaires to shut the door on frauds and cheats. The site is open to anyone, but for those that want to date within the rich club, MillionaireMatch looks out for them.


As one might expect, MillionaireMatch delivers premier customer service, providing clients with the following exclusive benefits and more:

  • Assistance with creating and maintaining profiles
  • A personal dating assistant
  • Email or phone interview to determine specific wants and needs, and to account for any special circumstances
  • Weekly personal follow-ups
  • Weekly potential matches based on requests
  • Confidentiality requirements


Here is how the website describes its business: “For well over a decade, we’ve been serving a very exclusive, elite clientele of rich and attractive men and women, CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, super models and Hollywood celebrities who are all seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship.”


Sorry, but those in the hunt for a sugar daddy or mommy will have to turn elsewhere. MillionaireMatch counts nearly 2.5 million singles as members – and well-heeled members can pull the service up on their Android and iOS mobile devices when their jet-setting itineraries allow them a free moment.


Belong to the ultra-successful but haven’t hit pay dirt in the love department? Meet fellow millionaires and your soulmate on (and, no, you won’t be charged a fortune – signup is free!).


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