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Turn Your Million Dollar Idea Into A Million Dollar Business

cash moneyIf you followed along with our last infographic from Autodesk on how to make your million dollar idea a reality, then you’re already on the path to success. No one would blame you, however, if you needed a little extra help in your journey to realizing your business idea. That’s why we’re happy to bring you Part 2 of turning your million dollar idea into a million dollar business.


While the last infographic focused primarily on business planning, this one takes a look at how to source and create your designs in order to have actual, physical products. It covers things like: Where is your product going to be manufactured? How much can you expect that to cost? How does packaging play a factor?


Keep reading for answers to all of those questions and more!



This infographic originally appeared on Line//Shape//Space, a blog from Autodesk dedicated to helping designers, drafters, and animators succeed in their small businesses.



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Autodesk | KillerStartups composite, original image by Jack Rosenfeld | Andy

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