How to submit? – Plans for Losing Weight for Latinos is a site originally developed in Spanish and targeted for female Hispanic audiences which aims to support that ethnicity group at providing dieting, exercise and nutrition solutions that relates better to Hispanic lifestyle and customs than generic diets or exercise plans, and thus ensures that users can effectively get results with the plans on offer.

In order to get a custom diet and exercise plan, the first thing a person needs to do is to sign up as a page member and create a profile not unlike filling a survey, where one must provide information on body size, food preferences and habits that will be studied by the qualified nutrition specialists in order to provide a dieting plan that users can endure. Also, when users sign up for this service they get a nutrition specialist assigned with whom they can instant message during weekdays in order to discuss any progresses or difficulties that they may be experiencing while trying to stick to the diet, or instead they can choose to log in to one of the site’s several forums and get support and advice from other users. The service is paid, but rates can only be disclosed to members depending on how long they subscribe as members, however the initial evaluation is always free.

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