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MetroMaids Is Boston’s Go-To Green Clean

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Here in San Francisco, two major trends are convenience, (from the new school techies), and environmentalism, (from the old school activists). That’s why I was surprised when I found out that the concierge-level maid green cleaning service MetroMaids is based all the way on the other side of the country in Boston.




What do they do?

MetroMaids is a super convenient service that allows you to book and pay for cleaning services right from your phone. In less than a minute on the way to work, busy urban Bostonians can arrange to have their houses or apartments cleaned and return home that day to a clean home. No fuss and (quite literally) no muss.


And not only will it be all nice and clean, it won’t smell like nasty chemicals.

MetroMaids is 100% committed to using only environmentally-sound cleaning practices. All of their products are additive, dye, and fragrance free, so that clients who have allergies or who are sensitive to artificial scents can rest assured that they will never be faced with chemicals that harm their health.




“A clean home goes a long way toward promoting wellness, but if the cleaning is done with harsh chemicals, the best intentions can backfire,” says Scott Sheldon, operations manager at MetroMaids. “We’re committed to using the safest products for the benefit of our customers, staff, and the planet.”


The truth of the matter is, the majority of common cleaning products are packed with stuff that you would never, ever allow a pet or child near if it were available isolated from the cleaning product. MetroMaids knows that scientific studies have proven that natural products (which, remember, were used for years and years before modern ones were invented) can clean just as well as any chemical.




Why take the risk of eye and throat irritation, headaches, and the wide range of health issues that chemically laced cleaning products can cause when you can hire MetroMaids to use completely environmentally safe products that won’t harm your health?


While MetroMaids is currently available only in Boston, it seems to me that they’ve figured out a technological solution to arranging house cleaning and maid services that could easily be duplicated in other cities, as long as they had someone on the ground to manage the cleaning teams.


My recommendation?

Come to San Francisco, MetroMaids! Convenience? Check. Green ideals? Check. I have a feeling you’d be welcomed here with open arms. In the meantime, folks interested in finding out more about the cleaning and maid services MetroMaids has to offer can find them at as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


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