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MenuLog.comMenuLog began in Australia but it is now available in many other countries throughout the world including the United States. This site allows you to order food from many participating restaurants and get it delivered piping hot to your door in under 60-minutes.

With great deals especially for offices and large groups, Menulog is aiming at replacing your current caterer by providing you with multiple eating options in this one portal. Search for restaurants by entering a key word or choose the type of food you’d like and browse that way. Those with a restaurant looking to become a part of MenuLog can do so for free and they will even be provided with a free mini website and access to a tool to be able to change daily specials at a whim. In Their Own Words

“Menulog is the US’s newest and most comprehensive eating out guide offering features such as: the widest range of SPECIAL OFFERS ability to ORDER FOOD ONLINE at participating restaurant.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a well-designed business that has a real chance of making significant inroads in the US. Their focus on the corporate space, where orders are huge and profitable, simply makes sense.

Some Questions About

Could they add the functionality that would allow members to view past ordering history or even rate certain plates that they especially liked for easier future ordering?

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