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MentalHealthSocial.comMental Health Social is a just-launched social networking site. The idea is to let those who have to live with mental health issues interact as anonymously as they want, share stories, and hopefully have a better understanding of themselves and the way they could lead healthier lives.

Alternatively, the site acts as a resource for those who are interested in learning more about such an issue either because they are healthcare professionals looking into having a different insight, or out of personal necessity. That is, the ones who have to live with a person that has a mental condition could come here for solace and support by sharing their stories and learning how others cope with related episodes.

I have reviewed many social networking sites already, but I have seldom seen networks which can play a role as valuable as the one that Mental Health Social can play. It will certainly appeal to you even if you have just a fleeting interest in the topic it deals with. And bookmarking it for eventual reference also seems like a good move to me. In Their Own Words

“Mental Health Social Network/Community Support With Forums.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mental conditions are common concerns among people of all ages. Resources like this one are invaluable to patients and their parents alike.

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What does it take to join the network?

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