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Menae.comThere are more ways than one to have your site ranked and compared with all those that directly or indirectly are competing with it. Menae is a new platform which does exactly that.

Menae can take care of analyzing everything from how your site is positioned in search engines and how often it is mentioned on social networks and bookmarking sites, and then produce a score of its very own (IE, the Menae Rank). This will let you see how your site stands on the overall scheme of the Web.

And that is determined even more easily because along with the Menae Rank you will be provided with a mini-analysis highlighting these aspects you should definitely look into if you want to catch up with your competitors, and eventually overtake them.

So, if the way your site is ranked by the big boys always leaves you fuming, now you know that at least there are other alternatives for getting it ranked. Which stands truer is a completely different matter, of course… In Their Own Words

Site ranking.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is always good to have alternative insights on the way your site ranks on the Web.

Some Questions About

How successful can this really become?

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