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Meet Meal Wheel: Pairing Hungry Customers With Local Restaurants, Meal Deals and More

Plenty of us can recognize this scenario: You’re in the car with family or friends, and everyone is trying to decide which restaurant to eat out at. Whether your car is full of picky eaters or people who just can’t decide, nobody can come to an agreement and you end up simply pulling into the nearest fast food drive-thru instead.

A fun night out to dinner turned into a fast food pit stop is less than ideal, and the truth is that this hurts local restaurants as well because they’ve just missed out on the opportunity to serve more customers.

With Meal Wheel, you no longer need to have the same old debates on where to eat, or pass on a great local dine-in experience. Instead, simply download the Meal Wheel app, sign up and answer two questions: 

  1. How far are you willing to go?
  2. What price point/experience are you looking for?

Then, spin the Meal Wheel and win your match with a participating restaurant, including a personalized discount/offer, directions, menu and contact information. With Meal Wheel, you no longer have to worry about restaurant debates or indecision. Simply spin, win and eat out with a free discount or offer included! 

The Meal Wheel app and access to restaurant offers are entirely free to the user. Restaurants pay a low-cost, flat-rate fee to feature themselves on the Meal Wheel ($100 for 30 days).

Restaurants will find that Meal Wheel quickly pays for itself. Rather than having to constantly spam their customers with emails and ads, they can use the platform to provide customizable incentives to their target customers while spending far less than traditional marketing channels.

The result is a platform that allows restaurants to reach their customers with an incentive the moment they’re looking for a place to eat while allowing customers to let the Meal Wheel make their dining decisions for them. A win-win for everyone!

Meal Wheel was founded by Tim Erwin, a life-long resident of Florida and graduate of Florida State University. Believing that restaurants and customers need a simpler, less intrusive way of being matched together, Tim launched Meal Wheel to help everyone answer the question: “Where should we go to eat today?”

Interested? Meal Wheel is the mobile platform that settles the where-to-eat debate for good. Simply spin, win and eat out at a participating restaurant and get access to customizable offers and discounts, all for free. Meal Wheel is now available for download on iOS and Android.

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