How to submit? – Media Newspaper

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Mediaweek.comAt you will find all the news you were looking for.

Some of the sections include: syndication, digital media, recent headlines, etc. The site has many links that redirect you to many magazines and newspapers, such as: Forbes, Time, Oprah, and many more. There is also a section with a directory, including: ad agencies, brand marketers, Hollywood production, media planning, multicultural marketing, daily and weekly newspapers, etc. In addition, there is a place where you can post your resume and search for jobs. There are many ways for contacting them; you can do it through custom media, editorial contacts, subscriber services, licensing opportunities, adweek custom media, etc. At the web site you can reach some radio stations and outdoor media as well. If you are interested you can subscribe for free and start receiving media newsletters and get all the information related to the media industry from now on.

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