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Measy.comSo many gadgets see release every day that even the famed Inspector that went by the same name would have trouble discerning which one to get his hands on. If you are facing the very same dilemma, the Measy website might just as well be your own way out of the consumer’s maze.

Basically, it is an online resource where you can find out which gadget from the ones found at retailers will satisfy you the most. Through the site, then, finding out which digital camera, notebook or HDTV to buy becomes an experience akin to having a knowledgeable salesperson besides you – and a neutral one at that.

The search and comparison process works by answering a short quiz and then weighing up the results that are produced. This quiz features the following items among others: “My budgets is about…”, “How important is size?”, “How important is brand?”, “How important is ease of use”… you get the idea.

It is all very supple. Such a service dispenses with the niggle of manual comparison, and you can virtually arrive at the perfect gadget for you and your wallet in a matter of minutes, probably less. But don’t just take my word, give the site a whirl and see what comes up. In Their Own Words

“Measy helps you find the perfect gadget.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding the right gadget is made not only easier but far more enjoyable in such a way.

Some Questions About

Which other gadgets will become findable through the site in the near future?

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