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 MayorVille.comA new social networking service, MayorVille intends to let people become connected in a different, wider way. You see, rather than letting users connect personally MayorVille enables to connect regionally. On MayorVille, bonds are created based on where users are located. Of course, everything evolves from there into a much more personal affair. But the way in which people connect here is by city.

By its mere nature, MayorVille is a network that travelers will find attractive. People who are visiting a place for the very first time will be able to connect with locals well before they have set a foot there. And they’ll also be able to become connected with other tourists, and arrange to go sightseeing together once they all find themselves in that city. Or attend any concert, exposition or any such event. The uses a network like MayorVille can be put to are simply endless.

And the site’s been built in a really clever way, too, as these users who become Mayors for any city can actually end up earning money for their efforts to promote the places they live in. These cities that actually stand without a Mayor are all listed on the homepage, so you’ll be easily able to know if the place you live in is still up for grabs. In Their Own Words

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