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Mashpedia.comA site that I found highly novel and well-devised, Mashpedia is comparable to an online encyclopedia whose content changes in real time. That is, if you check the same concept at two different times you are going to be presented with two entirely different webapages.

You will have a definition that will be accompanied by the latest headlines and tweets, along with videos and images culled from sites like YouTube, Flickr and related resources.

From the above, I think we all will agree that this site can be denominated a cross between an aggregator of news and a resource like Wikipedia. The one thing you must keep in mind if you use it is that Mashpedia is not a search engine – the terms you can look up are always very specific – names of people, events, places… it is anything but a Google or a Bing killer. It lacks the broader, unspecific outreach these two have. As long as you are aware of that you will find it more than compelling. In Their Own Words

“Mashpedia is an effective medium to find and explore online content about almost any topic, providing a didactic and intuitive way of learning. In every article you get a basic definition, the latest related news, videos, images, twitter messages and relevant links, thus providing a quick, practical outlook of the topic. Since real-time contents are ranked with the most recent coming first, Mashpedia can give you new information each day – even if you are looking at the same article. Every article can also be commented, providing a space for people to share facts, relevant links and opinions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting if only because it compiles a sheer amount of different content under the same umbrella.

Some Questions About

Has it got a chance of displacing Wikipedia, or will it always remain in the sidelines?

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