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ReadyContacts.comReadyContacts is a website that provides something called ‘B2B Marketing Database Management’. You might have been left wondering by this stage what on earth does that mean, and trust me; you are not the only one!


Here’s how it works, what you do is subscribe to their service and send them a list of target accounts you would like them to find contacts for.

In other words they will do the painstakingly slow and hard process of lead generation! The good thing is that you can give them specific details regarding aspects like the type of roles those leads will be undertaking at their companies. Once you put this through to them, they will come back to you in one or two business days with a list of contacts.

Another part of their service is qualifying those leads, with your specific qualification criterion. Their team of callers will call and provide you with a list of call notes for the leads, thus saving you the time of qualifying them. Also, sometimes there’s some information that is good having before making a call because you know you will be able to focus your pitch in a much more effective way. The other part of their services portfolio is appending e-mail addresses to contacts enabling you to contact them via e-mail – they claim their service has a correctness of 90%. In Their Own Words

‘ReadyContacts delivers comprehensive B2B Marketing Database Management solutions to companies to empower sales and marketing organizations with accurate, current and complete lead databases.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

They provide a really useful service and they already have big clients in their ranks.

Some Questions About

Is this very expensive?


Author : Bill Webb

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