search cancel – Directory Assistance Plus Online used to be the site of Directory Assistance Plus, but if you visit it right now you’re going to be redirected to InfoUSA is a company that helps people create successful email marketing campaigns, and make the best of what customer data they have. And if that consumer data is not enough, then that’s not a problem. lets users find both businesses and consumers.


As of now, its database includes 17 million businesses, and no less than 210 million verified consumers. And all that information can be accessed in lots of ways; you can search InfoUSA’s database of businesses by industry and by number of employees, and you can have consumers sorted by geography, age and income. Once you have created your own customized list of businesses and consumers, then you’ll be able to download it to your computer, and use it in every marketing campaign from that point onwards.

And InfoUSA can handle much more than e-mail marketing campaigns. The company can actually implement direct mail marketing campaigns. The team can take care of designing and printing full-color postcards and brochures, and having them delivered to all your contacts. In all cases, you can keep a good eye on your campaign’s performance by looking at the statistics and analytics that are part of your profile.



Author : Charly Zaks

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