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The online home of the American Society of Appraisers is This is a branch of the International Society of Professional Valuers, for the United States. Whether you are an appraiser, or are looking to have an item appraised and find the value of it, this site will help you. You can easily search for an appraiser, or join the society from this site. There are people here to help you who specialize in appraising all types of items, mainly in gemstones. Conferences and meetings are also listed here, and you can RSVP to attend one if you are a member of the site.


Real Estate property, machinery, air planes, gem stones, antiques and many more items can be given a value to you with the help of You can also find more information on how to appraise and place a value on these items if you are a professional appraiser by visiting this site and there are webinars you can listen to. Education is available online and through meetings and training courses which have information listed at Other resources are also available, or you can contact a customer service representative directly via the contact us link.

Finding the value of an item or find information on how to become an appraiser and broaden your knowledge are made easy through This site is highly recommended to anyone who needs either of these services. Searching for a professional here will return you with quality results that you can trust better than doing a typical web search.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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